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Jay Harvey will make you smile and think about life, about God and how the two fit together. Perfectly integrating thoughtful humor and deep spiritual truth. Jay has the ability to hold the most skeptical audience and place it in the hands of God. After reading this book, you will be challenged, encouraged, inspired, and stretched!
-Jim Lyon, Sr Pastor Madison Park Church of God, Anderson, IN

Engaging, funny and insightful! I identified with the stories and could see myself in Jay s story and the story of Jonah. I will always look differently at the word GOOF. The Principal is on target and easy to remember. This is a book I want to share with friends. It is a difference maker.
-Gary Kendall, Sr Pastor Indian Creek Community Church, Co-Founder of CMA

The story of Jonah has been cleaned-up and saved for children for way too long! In this books, Jay lays out the struggles of Jonah right next to the struggles in his own life and reminds us all just how far God is willing to go in pursuit of a stubborn heart…like Jonah/as…like Jay’s . . .Like mines
-Mellissa Jansen, Author and Speaker